Hastings Estate Company, Inc.

Port Townsend, WA


The Hastings Estate Co., Inc. is a family-owned corporation originally established in 1890 and incorporated in 1985 by the heirs of Lucinda & Loren Brown (L.B.) Hastings, the fourth family to record their claim of land in Port Townsend.


L.B. and Lucinda arrived on the shores of Port Townsend harbor in 1852, by way of Vermont, Illinois, Utah, Oregon and California, after L.B. and Francis W. Pettygrove had staked their claims on a previous expedition in 1851. (Above: “Loren B. & Lucinda Hastings, Port Townsend, Washington, Pioneers of 1852”.)


The Right Space at the Right Time


Contact Information:

Hastings Estate Co., Inc.

P.O. Box 551

Port Townsend, WA 98368

Email: info@hastingsestate.com



Board of Directors:

Harry Dudley

Lucinda D. Eubank

Zoe Ann Dudley




Heather Dudley Nollette,

Project Manager

Email: heather@hastingsestate.com

Phone: (206) 387-9846

For property management information, including information about rental space in any of the three Hastings Estate properties, please contact our Property Manager at (360) 385-3293.

Property Addresses:

Hastings Building: 120 Taylor Street (833-839 Water St. on Google Maps)

Hastings Landing: 106 Taylor Street

“The Cup” Restaurant: 600 Sims Way

Site Updated: 3/26/13

Contact our webmaster at info@hastingsestate.com

photo by Joe Lipka

Hastings Estate Company, Inc. owns properties in the downtown Port Townsend Historic Commercial District, including the Hastings Building at the intersection of Water Street and Taylor Street, and a property located behind the Hastings Building on Taylor Street (soon to be developed as Hastings Landing).  See below and visit the rest of our site for

exciting updates about HASTINGS LANDING and the HASTINGS BUILDING!

Project Updates

Hastings Landing

Plans for Hastings Landing, on the site behind the Hastings Building, include the development of a Passenger Vessel Terminal on the ground floor and hotel accommodations on the upper floors.  Check out the Hastings Landing page for the latest information about this exciting new project!


Hastings Building

The overall project includes plans for the historic rehabilitation of the Hastings Building in a way that serves the residents of Port Townsend, its visitors and the environment.  The Hastings Building will continue to have retail space available, in addition to accessory services to the Hastings Landing hotel, including hotel lobby, offices, spa services, boutique shops, etc.

Sustainable Values

As we develop the properties in the Hastings Estate, “green” building practices will be used whenever possible and every effort will be made to achieve the highest level of LEED certification.  There is an inherently “green” element to the concept of historic rehabilitation, the ultimate effort to preserve and re-use resources that already exist in our community.  In addition, we will work to re-use as many old-growth timbers and other materials from the demolition of the former restaurant and pile-supported foundation at the Hastings Landing site.  We look forward to seeing some of those materials as refurbished and beautifully re-used design and construction components of the new project at Hastings Landing!


All In The Family

The contest is over, but you can still view the video to get a sneak peak into the interior of the beautiful historic Hastings Building!
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